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Flexport Careers: Reasons to Apply

Reasons You'll Have Fun and Advance Your Career at Flexport

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1. You will learn A LOT.

Global trade has a huge impact on the world, and at Flexport, you will learn how a modern freight forwarder fits into it all. Part of onboarding at Flexport is Flexport Academy, which explores the industry, the product, and the company. Since Academy mixes all new hires together, you’ll get to know people from operations, engineering, sales, legal and more.

The company is broken into squads, each with many business units. Employees run their own lines of revenue - excellent experience for any future startup they want to found. When squads grow large enough, they split up and the leaders will go and run new units. This gives people the opportunity to scale business lines from scratch, as well as to work on ones that have already matured.

Freight forwarding is an ancient industry, and you’ll get to see how far Flexport has come, and you’ll get to join their journey.

2. Flexport is tapping a huge opportunity.

Ryan Petersen, CEO:

“There are 25 freight forwarders that each do more than $1 billion in revenue a year … None of them were founded after Netscape.”

“In the next 5 years flexport will open offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney, Mumbai, Dubai, London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Toronto, Mexico City, Cape Town, and São Paolo. Each will be a $50M+ business by 2025.”

“We don’t sell software. We provide multi-modal freight forwarding services. Very fast growing industry.”

“Freight forwarders do $1.1T in annual revenue. The largest player has 2% market share.”

“0 of the top 100 freight forwarders founded after the invention of the Web.”

“Building our business from the ground up around web software gives us an insurmountable edge”

“The winner in this space gets to own the circulatory system of the global economy.”

And from other conversations we’ve had, it seems like customers love the product and retention is excellent. And we’re told the product has massive positive impact on customers – it’s transformative for the way customers operate.

3. Efficient trade can help developing countries.

One theme of Stubborn Attachments is that economic growth in the wealthier countries has positive spillover effects for poorer individuals around the world. – Economist Tyler Cowen

Making global trade more efficient can help boost economic growth. This can help boost quality of life for individuals around the world.

4. Not yet well known: Flexport is extremely suited to entrepreneurial candidates, and the team is highly determined and highly optimistic.

Flexport is seriously well suited for founder-types. A large portion of teams are entrepreneurs by their past work or their future ambitions. I expect there will be many great businesses started by Flexport alumni.

The team is uniquely determined and optimistic, and despite their size you’ll still learn about how startups work.

5. The timing is right.

You’ll still be coming in on the ground floor, so there will be big opportunities for growth. You can have a big lasting impact on one of the world’s most fundamental industries.

6. You share Flexport’s values.

From engineering to sales, here are some traits that successful Flexports have:

Sound good? Apply.

If this page was compelling to you, Flexport would love to talk! Send an application their way and they’ll be in touch.

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